Town of Benton

Population 1989

                      Benton Water Department

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Water Inside Town Limits: $7.00 flat fee(+)$6.89 per 1000gl

Sewer Inside Town Limits: $3.00 flat fee(+)$2.50 per 1000gl 

Solid Waste Pickup Service:  $17.00 per month



Water Outside Town Limits:      $10.50 flat fee(+)$7.60 per 1000gl 

Sewer Outside Town Limits:     $6.00 flat fee  (+)$3.75 per 1000gl 




ALL Payments due by 12th of each month.

10% late fee added on the 13th if unpaid.

$20.00 Non-payment fee will be added if unpaid by the 20th and service will be disconnected on the 21st.

NOTE: All accounts requesting to disconnect must turn in a disconnect form. 

 Forms/ Applications

Payment Extensions are assessed on a case by case basis.

  (Extension Request Form) 

New Service Application

(Residential Service Application)

  (Commercial Service Application) 

Disconnect Service Form

  (Disconnect Form )  


If you have  questions about your bill or need to report a leak please contact

Benton Water Department at 318-965-2781

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